Sunday, April 28, 2013

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                                     Issuance year - 2013, January
50th anniversary of the signing of the Élysée Treaty

3 more commemorative coins sent by Jose, from Spain. The coin, which was designed by Yves Sampo (Monnaie de Paris), Stefanie Lindner (Berlin State Mint), Alina Hoyer (Berlin) and Sneschana Russewa-Hoyer (Berlin), depicts stylised portraits of the signatories to the Élysée Treaty (Konrad Adenauer, then Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, and Charles de Gaulle, former President of the French Republic) above their respective signatures on either side of the words “50 ANS JAHRE” and the year “2013” in the centre. The words “TRAITÉ DE L’ÉLYSÉE” and “ÉLYSÉE-VERTRAG” are centred along the top and bottom edge, respectively, of the inner part of the coin.

French coin: On the right-hand inner edge below the portrait of Adenauer, the inner part also features the “fleurette” (hallmark of the engraving workshop) and the letters “RF” to denote the issuing country, while the mint mark is located on the coin’s left-hand inner edge below the portrait of de Gaulle.
 Issuing Volume: 10.000.000

 German Coin: On the right-hand inner edge below the portrait of Adenauer, the inner part also features the mint mark   (“A”, “D”, “F”, “G” or “J”, depending on the mint concerned), as well as the letter “D” to denote the issuing country.

Issuing Volume: 11.000.000
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From Slovenia, via Spain...

Issuance year - 2013, February
800th anniversary of visits to Postojna Cave

5 commemorative coins were sent to me by Jose, from Murcia, in our last swap, last march, in exchange for several portuguese commemorative coins. Depicted in the image are 2 very original slovenian 2013 commemorative coins and 3 others.
The central image of the coin is a stylised spiral, which at the left side of the coin begins with inscription ‘POSTOJNSKA JAMA • 1213–2013 • SLOVENIJA’ and ends with two stylised speleothems. 

See next post to discover what are the coins in the background.

Issuing volume: 1.000.000