Saturday, November 3, 2012

TYE Coins Quartet

                  Ten Years of Euro Banknotes and Coins - TYE

More  4 TYE 2012 commemorative coins - from Germany, Malta, Cyprus and Luxembourg.
Citizens and residents of the euro area have selected the winning design for this new euro coin issued by all euro area countries to commemorate ten years of euro banknotes and coins in January 2012. Using web-voting, they had five designs to choose from. Those designs had been pre-selected by a professional jury at the close of a design competition that was open to citizens from all euro area countries.
The winning design symbolises the way in which the euro has become a true global player over the past ten years, as well as its importance in day-to-day life, with various aspects being depicted: ordinary people (the family of four), trade (the ship), industry (the factory) and energy (the wind power stations).
The design was created by Helmut Andexlinger, a professional designer at the Austrian Mint.
Issuing volume: 
Cyprus TYE - 1.000.000 
  Germany TYE - 30.000.000 (5 different mintmarks - A, D, F, G and J - 6 million for each)
   Malta TYE - 700.000 
    Luxembourg TYE - 1.400.000.
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4 TYE coins & co.

                                                Issuance year - 2012, May
The 75th anniversary of the Queen Elisabeth Competition
In a swap with Jose, from Murcia, Spain, last July, he sent me these 4 TYE 2012 commemorative coins (from Germany, Malta, Cyprus and luxembourg), and also the original Belgium 2012 "The 75th anniversary of the Queen Elisabeth Competition", in exchange for 5 portuguese coins.
The inner part of the coin depicts the emblem of the Queen Elisabeth Competition superimposed on the effigy of Queen Elisabeth, looking to the left, flanked on the left and right respectively by the mark of the mint master and the mark of the Brussels mint, a helmeted profile of the Archangel Michael. The years 1937-2012 are inscribed above the effigy, and the words ‘QUEEN ELISABETH COMPETITION’ below it. The nationality ‘BE’ is indicated to the right of the portrait of the Queen. 
Issuing volume: 5.000.000
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