Friday, July 13, 2012

TYE - Half a dozen

Ten Years of Euro Banknotes and Coins - TYE
6 more TYE UNC coins, all depicted in the image, (from Finland, Austria, Irland, Slovénia, Belgium and Germany -J), also sent by Jose, from Murcia, Spain. 
The Euro-sign in the centre of the coin shows that the Euro has become an element of particular importance in Europe as well all over the world as the Euro evolved to a global player in the international monetary system in the last 10 years.  
The design elements around the Euro- symbol on the coin express the importance of the Euro to the people, to the financial world (ECB tower), to trading (ships), to industry (factories), to the energy sector and research and development (wind power stations). 
Citizens and residents of the euro area have selected the winning design for this new euro coin issued by all euro area countries to commemorate ten years of euro banknotes and coins in January 2012.
The winning design symbolises the way in which the euro has become a true global player over the past ten years, as well as its importance in day-to-day life,
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