Saturday, March 31, 2012


Issuance year - 2011, January

The 500th anniversary of the publication of the world-famous book "Laus Stultitiae" by the Dutch philosopher, humanist and theologian Desiderus Erasmus

The last of the 5 commemorative coins that Miguel from Madrid, Spain, sent me in our last swap.
This is not a good image of this original coin that shows Erasmus writing his book on the right and the effigy of Queen Beatrix on the left. The two images are separated by the vertical inscription "Beatrix Koningin der Nederlanden".

Issuing volume: 4.000.000

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Swan - Finland's national bird

Issued year - 2011, October

200th anniversary of the Bank of Finland

These 3 finnish UNC commemorative coins depicted in the image were sent by Noora from Finland, in exchange for 3 other commemorative coins, in our last in the begining of the year.
This original coin to mark the Bank of Finland’s 200th anniversary, which was designed by the artist Hannu Veijalainen, depicts Finland’s national bird, the swan.
In addition, the inner part of the coin bears the dates “2011”, the year of issue, and “1811”, the year in which Emperor Alexander I of Russia decreed that an “Exchange, Lending and Deposit Office” was to be established in Turku, Finland. It was Finland’s first bank and eventually became the Bank of Finland, which moved to Helsinki in 1819.

Issuing volume: 1.500.000