Saturday, February 25, 2012

TYE - 10th anniversary of euro banknotes and coins

Issued year - 2012, February

Brought yesterday...
"Ten years ago, on 1 January 2002, euro banknotes and coins were introduced in 12 Member States of the European Union. The introduction of the euro cash was an unprecedented challenge, but it went smoothly, and billions of banknotes and coins started to circulate in a matter of days. Five more Member States have adopted the euro in recent years, so a total of 17 Member States – and 332 million people – now use the currency. It has become a symbol of Europe, and the banknotes and coins have become a part of our daily lives."
The original desing symbolises the way in which the euro has become a true global player over the past ten years, as well as its importance in day-to-day life, with various aspects being depicted: ordinary people (the family of four), trade (the ship), industry (the factory) and energy (the wind power stations).

Issuing volume: 500.000

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Unitá D'Italia!

Issuance year - 2011, March
150th anniversary of the unification of Italy
One more coin depicted in the image as a result of a recent exchange with Miguel, from Madrid, Spain. He sent this Italian and the 5 commemorative in background and also some currency Estonian and Spanish coins.
The inner part of the coin shows, in the centre, three Italian flags fluttering in the wind, to mark three past periods of 50 years each – the periods ending in 1911, 1961 and 2011 respectively - in illustration of a perfect link between generations: this is the logo of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. Written in a semi-circle along the upper outer edge around the three flags is the inscription “150° DELL’ UNITÁ D’ITALIA” (150th anniversary of the unification of Italy).
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aa Issuing volume: 10.000.000