Sunday, October 31, 2010

Botanical garden

Issuance year - 2010, May
200th anniversary of the botanical garden in Ljubljana
2 commemorative and 2 currency coins were what Miguel C. from Madrid, Spain, sent me in our last swap this month. Depicted in the image is probably the nicest coin of 2010, which as a very original design (it features the Rebrincevolistna Hladnikija plant and on the left, under the plant, it's scientific name, Hladnikia Pastinacifolia, is written in an arc).
The Botanical garden of Ljubljana, established in 1810, is our oldest cultural, scientific and educational institution which has been functioning uninterruptedly ever since its foundation. Its plant collection includes more than 4500 species, subspecies and form, one third of which are autochthonous, while two thirds came from various parts of Europe and other continents. The garden has been maintaining exchange contacts with more than 270 botanical gardens world-wide.
See next post to discover what is the coin in the background.
Issuing volume: 1.000.000