Friday, July 30, 2010

Rare and precious...

Issued year - 2010, March

Once again, Alexandra Vieira, a workmate, gave me these two rare and precious portuguese coins.
The "Justo de D. João II", with a face value of 5 euros, is the second of five coins being issued by the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office, that initiates, in 2009, the minting of a series of collection coins called «Tesouros Numismáticos Portugueses» (Portuguese Numismatic Treasures) recreating five of the most beautiful and rare examples of Portuguese coins. They are the «Morabitino de D. Sancho II» (last year), «Justo de D. João II» (2010), the «Português de D. Manuell», the «Peça 1722 – Lisboa», of D. João V, and the «Peça 1833 – Degolada», of D. Maria II.
The Justo D. John II King centralizing par excellence, who fought for this, the aristocracy, even beheaded some of its key figures, the king was then the center of everything, as the currency shows us: a king in the center of the coin, seated on the throne, with mantle, crown and sword.

Face Value: 5,00 Euro
Diameter: 30 mm
Weight: 14 g in copper nickel
One for me and the other is not available for swap.
Issuing volume: 150.000