Tuesday, November 24, 2009

German EMU

Issued year - 2009, January

It's almost 2010 and only now have I been able to get my first German EMU - with mintmark "G" - Karslruhe, due to a recent swap with Agostoni Roberta, from Italy. In our first swap, she sent me 4 coins, the German EMU and 3 currency coins, all depicted in the image, in exchange by several portuguese coins.
Thanks, Roberta.
The new 2 euro coin, issued last January, celebrates ten years of economic and monetary union (EMU). EU citizens and residents have selected the design by an on-line vote. The design, which symbolizes the euro as the latest step in the long history of European economic integration, was created by Mr G. Stamatopoulos, sculptor at the Minting Department of the Greek Central Bank. The centre of the coin shows a stylised human figure whose left arm is prolonged by the euro symbol.

A = Berlin Mint
D = Munich Mint
F = Stuttgart Mint
G = Karslruhe Mint
J = Hamburg Mint
Issuing volume: 30.000.000

Saturday, November 7, 2009

22 coins

Issued year - 2009, February
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaSaarland State - Bundesländer
1 Saajjj
22 coins (all depicted in the image) sent by Bernard de Waard, from Netherlands, in our first swap. In exchange for several portuguese coins, I receive his package with 21 currency and one fabulous commemorative Saarland State coin, featuring Ludwig Church in Saarbrücken with mintmark "G" - Karslruhe.
And we are now working on a new swap.
Thanks, Bernard.
Germany started the commemorative coin series "Die 16 Bundesländer der Bundesrepublik Deutschland" (The 16 States of the Federal Republic of Germany) in 2006. One coin representing a German state will be issued per year between 2006 and 2021 and will coincide with that state's presidency of the 'Bundesrat'.

Issuing volume of this 2009 Saarland bundesland series: 30.000.000

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Greek EMU

Issuance year - 2009, January

George, from the country who created the Democracy, Greece, sent me all the coins depicted in the image, as a result of our last swap, happening last October.
The rare and magnificent 2009 commemorative EMU, but also one commemorative 2007 Rome Treaty and several missing currency, all from Greece, in exchange for portuguese coins and one Malta EMU coin.
Thanks, George.
Issuing volume of the Greek EMU: 4.000.000