Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Commemorative Italian Winter Olimpic Games

Issuance year - 2006
The coin depicted in the image, results of an exchange with Francesco Prosperi from Italy. This very cool and magnificent commemorative Winter Olimpic Games and other 5 currency Italian coins were traded by the 2007 Portuguese Portugal Presidency of the European Union and 5 other currency coins.
This coin shows a skier racing, against a background of stylized graphic elements and an image of Turin's landmark Mole Antonelliana building with the inscription "Torino" below and also the words "Giochi Invernali" at the top right. Thanks, Francesco.

Issuing volume: 40.000.000

Sunday, May 4, 2008


On 10 July 2007, the Council of the European Union approved Malta’s application to join the euro area on 1 January 2008. On 1 January 2008, the euro became legal tender in Malta replacing the Maltese lira. From 1 February 2008, only euro banknotes and coins can be used for cash payments in Malta.
A certain Rita from Malta, who needed the 2002 eight portuguese coins sent me this new, shining and wonderful 2008 UNC set in exchange for a trade. Thanks to her, now I only need someone from Cyprus for a similar swap.
The 1 and 2 € depicts the eight-pointed Maltese cross. The 10, 20 and 50 cent coins depicts the Maltese coat of arms, a shield with a heraldic representation of the Maltese flag, topped by a mural crown and bounded by two branches, an olive branch symbolizing peace and a palm frond representing the Maltese identity. The 1, 2 and 5 cent shows at the centre the altar at the prehistoric temple of Imnajdra (a Neolithic complex dating back to 3600 BC which is considered to be one of the oldest free-standing temple groupings in the world).
Click here to see the image of the eight Malta coins.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Commemorative Netherlands Rome Treaty

Issuance year - 2007
Yay, two new awesome commemorative coins from The Netherlands.
One of them is joining the other four 2007 Treaty of Rome in my collection (Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany -"D") and the other one is now available for swapping. The Belgium RT and the 2 € Belgium Commemorative "Atomium", the German RT, this two RT, and 22 more currency coins are all thanks to a swap with Wendy, from The Netherlands. Jolly Good.

Issuing volume: 6.333.000

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Commemorative German Rome Treaty -"D"

Issuance year - 2007
The image features the fourth Rome Treaty in my collection (Portugal, Spain, Belgium and this one) and it was also send by Wendy from The Netherlands. But there's still one more.
This first German Treaty of Rome with mintmark "D" - Munich - needs the company of the other four mintmark, so I need someone to swap with.

Issuing volume:
A - 1 million
D - 14, 5 millions
F - 8 millions
G - 5 millions
J - 1,5 millions
Total - 30 millions coins